Yoga – The Best Way to Get Relief from Mental Stress and Tensions
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Yoga – The Best Way to Get Relief from Mental Stress and Tensions

Yoga is the Best way to Get Relieved from Mental Stress and Tensions Practice of Yoga makes a human being free from all mental tensions Yoga is an easy way of keeping up health and mental peace

As the science and technology has developed and the implementation of the advancement has tremendously increased in the daily human life, there is great confusion, pressure and tension in most of the human beings lives. In order to get the confusion, pressure and tension, people try to adopt various practices to reduce tension, pressure and confusion and end up in attracting various serious diseases, side effects and hurt themselves with such practices.

People do not know how to deal in a right way with this kind of pressure and confusion. The lack of mental peace, work life balance brings in all kinds of physical and mental health disturbances. These kind of mental and physical health disturbances in turn push a person’s external as well as domestic relationships into great turmoil. Among millions of such population, who face huge lacking of mental and physical peace in their lives do not realize that the greatest solutions are available with in their own body rather than in a capsule or a tonic or any other external medicine.

The best among various available and possible solutions for balancing one’s mind and life is Yoga. The practice of Yoga never requires an external component or material’s need. All one need to do is find a Yoga class near by their living areas and undergo a training of various Yoga practices for at least 45 days. This kind of Yoga classes let them learn how to balance their mental and physical health disturbances through application of simple physical practice of Yoga. Yoga is capable of giving life full of peace and calmness to tackle any kind of pressures or confusion along with various other mental disturbances such as pain, misery, anger, anxiety and loneliness.

Yoga is a well known and one of the oldest systems of theory and practice that heals various mental and physical diseases, abnormalities and disturbances. Yoga includes various types of breathing exercises that cleans the respiratory system, digestive tracks, lungs and blood nerves and entire body. It also includes various physical exercises, which seem to be like some standard postures that are to be practiced on a daily or periodical basis. Yoga also involves meditation that relaxes body and mind. Yoga takes its roots from an Indian, Maharishi Patanjali, who is believed to have existed 5000 years back.

In the initial days, Yoga was practiced as a spiritual practice of Hinduism, which is believed to be one of the best ways to get Moksha (Eternity). However in the later stages, Yoga turned to be one of the best ways of practice for living peacefully and keeping one’s health and mind cool and away from day-to-day tensions and stress. Yoga gained international popularity with the initiation of its introduction to the citizens of various countries by Swami Vivekananda, who is well known for his highly inspirational speech in Chicago. In modern days, Yoga is practiced as a pure physical exercise to maintain mental and physical fitness and keep away stress, strain and pressure. Below listed are some of the Yoga types that are very well known to most of the modern communities.

  1. Ashtanga Yoga
  2. Cardiac yoga
  3. Chair Yoga
  4. Hatha yoga
  5. Iyengar Yoga
  6. Kundalini yoga
  7. Power yoga or also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  8. Raja Yoga

The physical exercises in Yoga are also called as Asanas. The majority of Indian culture and traditions are filled up with various hidden benefits and advantages. Yoga or Asanas are embedded into each and every day-to-day activity of Indian traditional families. From the sitting (Padmasana) to sleeping (Shevasana), most of the daily activities are designed with hidden advantages of Yogasanas. This kind of regular and periodic practice of Yoga will help in achieving the mental peace and physical fitness, which is lost due to day-to-day tension and pressure filled human activities.

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Comments (2)

yes it is so yoga is wonderful, I wish I could do some of the exercise but I hurt all over.

I can't extol the benefits of yoga enough. It helped me get through the most stressful times of my life. The stretching, positions, and breathing and relaxation is unbeatable. Better than a glass of wine! It doesn't take long to do some of the positions you couldn't in the beginning - your body stretches to be able to do poses you couldn't do before. Good article!