Yoga Facts: Benefits and Yoga Classes
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Yoga Facts: Benefits and Yoga Classes

Yoga is a movement therapy with origins in India dating back more than 5,000 years. It is also relatively new, in that little was heard of it in Britain until the 1960s, when the Beatles came into contact with the yogi Maharishi Mahesh.
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Yoga is a movement therapy with origins in India dating back more than 5,000 years. It is also relatively new, in that little was heard of it in Britain until the 1960s, when the Beatles came into contact with the yogi Maharishi Mahesh.


  • Do not practice the Headstand when pregnant or menstruating.
  • Allow 3 hours to pass after eating a meal before practicing yoga.
  • Be wary of following a practice that does not seem to agree with your mind or body.

The Facts

A Holistic Approach

The slow, calm movement, the controlled breathing and the purpose behind the various postures (asanas) used in yoga bring balance and tranquility to the body, mind and spirit. Most yoga teachers mention these holistic benefits as the basic aim of yoga, which in turn profoundly improve healthy and vitality. A huge attraction of yoga is its accessibility in some form to nearly everyone from young children to men and women in their seventies and eighties. Neither fitness nor strength is required in its practice, and most classes are suitable for people ranging from complete beginners to those who have mastered some of the more complicated asanas. You simply go at your own pace, following the teacher and doing the best you can, usually with plenty of help and encouragement from both teacher and other students.


Yoga exercise improves both posture and breathing, which in turn benefits the circulation of the blood and the body's intake and utilization of oxygen. Like most other movement therapies, it also increases the rate and efficiency with which waste material is excreted from the body via kidneys, bowel, skin, liver and lungs, thereby strengthening the immune defense system in its fight against infection, cancer and allergies. Certain asanas, such as the Corpse, the Fish and the Plough, aim specifically to improve bowel regularity, for instance. All enhance breathing and improve blood supply to the kidneys and liver. Yoga also boosts the body's nervous and hormonal systems, and improves both flexibility and muscle tone by reintroducing the habits of stretching and bending after, perhaps years of a sedentary lifestyle.

                      yoga asana

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Unlike aerobic workouts and dance therapy sessions, you are extremely unlike to hear music played during a yoga class. The target is to bring mind and body into harmony with one another and you have to concentrate to achieve this. A popular asana for beginners since practically everyone is capable of it is the Corpse (all asanas have Indian names and most also have Western equivalents). The name is suggestive of the shape your body assumes in following the asana; for example, Coil , Cobra and Fish. For the Corpse, all you do is lie flat on your back, with your arms and hands by your sides and legs straight out in front, slightly parted at the ankles. This is normally chosen for both the beginning and the end of a yoga session, as it quiets the mind and helps focus your attention before you start and, at the end, allows you to relax fully before returning in mind and body to everyday affairs.


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