The Best Yoga Styles That Aid In Weight Loss
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The Best Yoga Styles That Aid In Weight Loss

yoga styles to help you lose weight

There are now more people who have weight issues than those who do not. While this may not hold true in every country in the world, it does not mean that you can belittle the numbers. Weight problems are a serious matter as they can complicate without the proper management. Good thing if one is still at the point when the condition can be managed by embarking on a healthy diet, otherwise there are only a couple of options left – deal with risky surgical procedures or face death.

Why people suffer from weight gain or obesity can be attributed to the sedentary lifestyle acquired through sitting behind the desk the whole day. Therefore, the need to work out, along with eating healthy, is being emphasized more than ever before. Fortunately, one would have plenty of options these days, and one of these is yoga.

This might surprise you but yoga can actually make you lose weight in a calmer more relaxed way. A well loved fitness program, yoga is one of the best and effective ways to keep you fit physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you haven’t tried yoga before, you should enroll yourself in a beginner’s class. This way, you’ll get to learn the basics from people who very well understand the principles of yoga. Yoga is the kind of fitness program that is best for helping you build your strength and endurance. Yoga comes in different forms, and you should be able to know which type is recommended when you want to lose weight. When you are specifically desiring to lose weight, performing yoga along with cardiovascular exercises is recommended.

The form of yoga you should be interested in is Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is widely popular and a favorite among athletes. This type of yoga helps to realign the body’s spine and improves a person’s flexibility, strength and stamina. To be highly effective for weight loss, Ashtanga Yoga should be done with cardio workouts. As Ashtanga tones the muscles, cardio workouts tone the muscles.

The second type of yoga you should consider doing is power yoga. Power yoga actually utilizes the common and classic moves of yoga and uses these in combination with other vigorous activities. It is an energetic exercise that will definitely challenge you both physically and mentally. This type of yoga is popular to the athletes as it helps in preventing of muscle injuries and injuries in general, plus, it also aids in the rehabilitation of the body. Learning and mastering the moves in power yoga will definitely improve your skills and your performance level to a great extent.

Vinyasa Yoga is that form of yoga that will predispose you to sweating buckets of sweat, and sweating is a sign that you are burning off the calories. Vinyasa yoga also strengthens your body muscles and, improves your sense of control and balance.

Yoga is said by experts to be amazing in helping you build muscle weight and develop greater stamina. Yoga, in general, also significantly improves your body’s posture. If you want to get incredible and mind-blowing results, you should try doing yoga in combination with running, jogging and walking. This potent combination will lead you a few steps closer and a couple of pounds lighter to your goal.


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I like Yoga..the only problem is that., my bones was too'hard' for yoga..aah! Thanks anyway, will try this . Great post!:)