Meditation Techniques
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Meditation Techniques

Best not to pass judgment on things unseen and not well understood. Better to seek knowledge. Be an advocate of positive aspects to help improve the human condition.

All meditation is self serving and within this general context, there are basically two types. One which seeks to address spiritual needs and the other which seeks to address physical needs. Indeed they are hard to separate which is even more evident because the techniques governing the art of meditation when travelling down either path are almost exactly the same. Except for one not so small caveat meditation is a powerful spiritual tool when used judiciously to personally control the quality of the human condition.

Meditation seeks to maintain some heighten levels of consciousness propagated by remaining neutrally focused. This is done by clearing the mind of extraneous baggage and trying to achieve a relaxed state. It generally requires a quiet dual quality of inward stillness as well as a placid external objective.

To reach this place of inner quiet, a steady smooth regulated breathing is suggested. With lids closed it is recommended to use the mind’s eye to picture a focal point and to concentrate on the image to still the brain’s activity. This is often done by visualize the presence of the nose and inwardly staring down a constructed bridge. Or finding a spot within the mind’s eyes and holding it in focus. Often times, one finds themselves drifting in an out of these states but that is perfectly normal. In fact only with years of practice can these states be held for any protracted periods of time. The point is, when you fall out of the state you are trying to maintain just get back in as quickly and as quietly as possible.

These transitions of going in and out of the desired state are understandable and are an integral part of the meditative process. So many people believe meditation is this inhuman quality of reaching some nirvana plane that more or less may not even exist. In other words take the stress completely out of the process if you fall asleep occasionally don’t sweat it. After all, meditation is supposed to relieve stress not add to it. In any event many believe the ideal meditative state is somewhere between being awake and being asleep.

Ideas are plentiful and there are many schools of thought on the subject. The intent is to cast no aspersions here. Yet there are those who would admonish any remote advocacy equating the performance of meditation in any way with an act of contrition or prayer. However for me the benefits of meditating and its sometime miraculous results spiritual speaking it is difficult if not impossible to separate the benefits of the practice from the grace of God. However my better judgment tells me it is always wise to separate human possibilities from God like possibilities.

This boundary of what is humanly possible from what is Godly possible lends itself to the caveat, where the temporal and spiritual boarders are not so cut and dry. It is again in this context, the somewhat not so obvious two faces of meditation and the motive for conducting the practice arises.

For most the important aspect is the spiritual distinctiveness. Where the psyche is cleared of any desires and the communion is with what I like to call the “quiet mind”. What is the quote, “Be still and wait on ……”, (A topic to be covered in a later chapter entitled “Mysticism and Monotheism in the Same Belief System and Not at Odds”). This technique or approach is entered into with no preconceived notions. The idea is to access a neutral level or condition somewhere perhaps between the conscious and unconscious mind. Let’s call it a heighten plane, a supra state of awareness.

The benefits “in any case” miraculously are always positive. They tend to be somewhat of a surprise and as unpredictable as they may seem for some unknown reason always able to connect the particular results with some reflective moment even if the results are not immediate.

It should be noted practicing meditation for protracted periods of time should enhance health and in general increase a person’s happiness. By no means will life be perfect. In fact there will always be life’s share of problems but on a misery index of 1 to 10, where 10 is misery free a feeling of 8.5 should be readily attainable. Subjective of course not quite Nirvana, but close enough!

This brings us to the other extreme. The aspect for lack of a better expression, call it meditation for temporal enhancement. This form of meditation in terms of getting into the desired communal state is not any different than meditation for spiritual enhancement. The one exception is in the case of temporal meditation we are focused on achieving or obtaining something very specific.

Here is how this works. There is book entitled, “Buried Alive Never Die”. In this text the author puts forth a very interesting technique addressing the subject. Essentially she postulates, take a thing you desire, write it down. Try to be as precise about what you want as possible. She states the focus should be on the good. The supposition conversely alludes to; those of ill will know this ritual as well. She states never to use this practice corruptly or to get people to do what you want. The desired results are there but likely the complex consequences are unpredictable and draw from the negative side of reality.

So let’s muse over this title, “Buried Alive Never Die”. The idea is to bury the things you desire as deep as possible in the subconscious. To some extent the act of writing assist in this effort. The suggestion went so far as to recommend the writing afterwards should even be burned. Not sure whether this notion was derived from this author or another. Then with the specific purpose of obtain the physical reality meditate on your goal consciously or unconsciously and it will come to pass. The thinking is behind the concept, “Think and Grow Rich”. State of mind is very important. They key, perfect a state where there are no or very few contradictions.

Well there you have it, the proverbial cat is out of the bag; witchcraft you say. Best not to pass judgment on things unseen and not well understood. Better to seek knowledge. Be an advocate of positive aspects to help improve the human condition. Understand both fundamentally and inherently areas of free will and why it is unreasonable to ask people to live without these practices and freedoms. Be tolerant, compassionate and have the flexibility to meditate on such difficult matters and the world will be a better place.

The point is the rules of the realm still apply, good and evil are choices. The idea is to bury those good desires deep within your being. Meditate on them consciously and/or unconsciously. They are planted on those heighten planes and in very miraculous ways you can envision the fruits of the seeds you sow and then experience them as they blossom into reality. The tools are there. It is up to us to use them wisely.

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Thanks for the comment. When I mentioned “Witchcraft” did so thinking it would come off humorous? Not sure did you pickup on that? However on a serious note depending on how meditation is practiced some might say it is borderline.