How to Use Yoga to Heal Numerous Disorders and Diseases Look and Feel Better
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How to Use Yoga to Heal Numerous Disorders and Diseases Look and Feel Better

how to heal spinal disorders with yoa

The asana in Yoga is the complete philosophy, science and art of movement without moving physically . Here, we discuss one asana, the yogic posture in detail, which is of great significance in healing and health care in the yogic way.

THE BHAJANGA ASANA: This posture or the asana is one of the most beneficial for the spine and other diseases caused by lack of flexibility. For this marvel of yoga asana, we proceed as follows:

Position for Readiness: Lie on the stomach. Let the head rest on either cheek. Bring the palms beneath the shoulders on the both sides. Elbows should be folded upwards and closer to the body. Keep the heels together and the toes flat on the floor. Breathe normally.

Steps for Practice: We need to take the following steps after we have taken the right position:

1. Straighten the head and tilt it lightly backward.

2. Inhaling slowly, we raise our head and the chest upwards so that our navel is on the floor; we raise the position up from above the naval. In this position, we then fully stretch our legs and keep the legs tightly together.

3. Then we look up into the sky and hold our breath for six to eight seconds.

4. After six to eight seconds, we start exhaling and lowering our head towards the floor and let the head rest again on either cheek.

5. Now, we let the body relax and rest for six seconds.

6. After rest, we repeat the process of the asana again.

DAILY PRATICE: We repeat this posture and the process associated with the asana for four times a day.

BENEFITS: The Bhujanga Asana offers us many benefits, the important ones are follows:

1. Inwardly activates the whole of the abdominal area.

2. It activates the pancreas, liver and the other organs of the digestive system.

3. It strengthens and normalizes the entire of the digestive system.

4. It cures the constipation.

5. It heals the problems of the indigestion, dysentery, wind troubles, stomach ache and other abdominal disorders.

6. It corrects the spinal disorders and the backache.

7. It gives beneficial and healing effects to the chest, shoulders, neck, face and the head areas.

8. It enhances the facial beauty.

9. It heals, corrects, and cures many menstrual problems.


We observe that in this asana, we stiffen our spine, shoulders, face, eyes, and almost all parts of the body from the upwards the solar plexus, the navel. The navel needs great care as the solar plexus, which the allopathic doctrines gives no significant recognition, gets better curing effects through the stiffening and the resting, which this asana offers. Thus, as it brings flexibility to the neck, shoulders, spine, back, abdomen and other regions, it heals and offers so many benefits.

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